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Turn-Key Investment Packages

Dual Key Investment Properties

Package Price

From $620,000

Rent Per Week

$650 - $850

Expected Yield

5.4% - 7.0%

Double the tenants, double the income. Our dual key homes are optimised to achieve maximum rental yield in the most high-demand locations in Perth.

Dual keys are a relatively new addition to Australia’s property market and provide flexible and potentially lucrative options for investors. Dual keys act as a single-titled property that contains two separate residences, allowing investors to maximise rental returns.

As opposed to duplex housing, which often requires separate strata titles, dual key homes allow for two income-producing properties to reside on the same title. Each property on the dwelling can then be rented out to separate tenants, generating higher rental returns. Since dual key homes reside on a single lot, property investors will only face one set of council fees and water rates with this type of investment. So, whilst owners benefit from greater rental income, they will also pay lower maintenance costs than they would for two separate investment properties.

Dual key homes appeal to students, first-time renters and elderly people looking to reside in a low-cost, low-maintenance property.

Weston Property Group is a builder, developer and land agent designed to pair the best value land component with turn-key builds optimised for investors – so you get the highest quality investment property possible.