SDA Investment Properties in Perth

Weston creates the highest-quality investment package by building expertly-designed Specialist Disability Accommodation in high-demand locations.

Perth’s experts in building SDA housing.

Don’t Be Left Without A Participant

The biggest risk when it comes to investing in SDA housing is not being able to attract NDIS participants. Whether it’s a low-demand suburb, a home that will not comply as regulations get tighter or a poor design, choosing the wrong investment package will put your investment at risk.

The Problem With Inexperienced SDA Builders

There are a lot of new SDA builders that are breaking into the industry in Perth and many seem like decent options. Many offer low prices, extensive service and sometimes shorter build timeframes. But the SDA Housing Scheme is relatively new to WA, so how can a builder – who is effectively learning on the job – deliver a truly outstanding product?

High-quality SDA properties need to be backed by a team of designers, NDIS consultants and real estate specialists who are experts in their craft to deliver a comprehensive investment package.

  • Risk your investment by learning as they go
  • Fail to master their craft and offer little professional expertise
  • Create a product that is unattractive to NDIS participants

The Problem With Cost-Cutting SDA Builders

Poor-quality SDA builders keep their costs low by never updating their designs. Why? Because their priority is making a profit for themselves. They cost less, but these builders use out-dated designs instead of continuously improving their product.

They’ll promise you the world for a fraction of the market price – but they’ll fail to craft the best solution for your investment. Every SDA home needs to be approached with the latest knowledge of the industry – otherwise you risk the long-term profitability of your investment.

  • Build out-of-date SDA homes
  • Risk the long-term profitability of your investment
  • Don’t stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends

The Problem With Building In The Wrong Suburbs

A builder must know the best places to build right? Often the answer is no. Most SDA investment package providers are builders first, residential real estate experts a distant second. But how can an agency with little land experience choose a block with any confidence?

The land component is an essential element of your SDA house and land package. A high-quality investment package needs land specialists to choose a location that is in-demand now and in the years to come.

  • Risks how attractive your SDA home is to NDIS participants
  • Fails to utilise land knowledge to add value to your investment
  • Gives competing SDA homes an edge over your product

Solve your SDA investment problems with Weston

Use a Provider With A Proven Track Record

Weston Property Group is built to make your life easier and take the stress out of SDA investing. You’ll benefit from our team of Perth’s leading experts in building SDA investment properties, and nearly two decades of residential land and building experience.

We’ve developed industry-leading SDA house designs and paired them with land in the most in-demand NDIS participant locations – creating the highest-quality investment packages in the Perth metro area.

Industry Leading Designs

Unlike cost-cutting agencies, we’re continuously improving our SDA house designs to stay ahead of competitors. Our expert designers are focussed on creating the best design for each plot of land – not spending as little time as possible per design to save development costs.

  • Delivers cutting-edge designs for every new investment package
  • Gives your property the best chance of long-term profitability
  • Makes your property attractive to NDIS participants

A Team Of Experts In SDA Investment Properties

Our team is made up of the leading industry professionals in Perth who are able to work together to create the highest-quality investment package. Masters in their craft, our designers, NDIS consultants, land agents, real estate specialists, and experienced admin team consistently deliver first-class SDA investment packages. We never cut corners when it comes to building SDA housing.

  • Put your investment in the hands of industry-leading professionals
  • Get the most out of your SDA property from our results-driven approach
  • Get up-to-date industry knowledge and recommendations

In-Demand Locations Chosen By Land Specialists

Unlike most SDA builders, we’re experts in procuring land in high-demand locations. We’re land developers in our own right which allows us to easily secure high-value land, and our NDIS consultants provide expert advice on the most in-demand locations for NDIS participants.

  • Gives your property the best chance of attracting NDIS participants
  • Get expert recommendations from industry-leading professionals
  • Improves the long-term profitability of your investment

Responsive Service Tailored To You

Unlike inexperienced, smaller providers, we’re all about transparent communication. Thanks to our proven process, you’ll know what’s happening with your build every step of the way. All of our clients are supported by our experienced admin team throughout the entire process.

  • Rely on an experienced provider that truly cares about you and your objectives
  • Get transparent communication every step of the way
  • Experience a proven process that gets outstanding results

SDA Investors Succeed With Weston

Weston Property Group is for any investor that’s serious about achieving exceptional results from investing in SDA housing. Our industry-leading SDA house designs, paired with land in the most in-demand NDIS participant locations, create the highest-quality investment packages in the Perth metro area. Our high-quality packages give you confidence in your investment.

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