Providing The Best Quality Investment Stock For Your Clients

Investment Properties in Perth & Melbourne

Weston Property Group is a builder, developer and land agent designed to pair the best value land component with turn-key builds optimised for investors – so you can stop dealing with unreliable providers who offer overpriced packages in poor quality estates.

Weston Property Group has built more than 3,000 turn-key investment properties since 2003.

Tired of Providers Who Don’t Deliver?

It’s difficult to find a reputable, profitable solution for your client’s investment property needs. You’re forced to choose between providers promising sky-high commissions by cutting corners on their packages, or small-time providers who can’t deliver reliable volumes or timeframes.

The result? Poor-quality investment properties for your clients that damage your reputation and put your business at serious risk.

The Problem With Poor-Quality Providers

Poor-quality providers offer unsustainable commissions by stripping their packages of any value for your clients. Why? Because their priority is making maximum profit for themselves. They’re quick money, but these poor-quality packages all but guarantee you get a short-term, transactional relationship with the provider and your clients.

They’ll promise you the world and offer commissions above market price – but fail to provide a high-quality product that is in the best interests of your clients. It might sound good now, but short-term providers could damage your reputation and cost you further down the line.

  • Waste your client’s money on a bad investment
  • Have little interest in a long-term partnership
  • Damage your reputation with sub-standard stock

The Problem With Small Providers

On the surface, boutique providers always look like a decent option. Extensive service, simple systems, relationship-focused. But how can a relatively inexperienced provider deliver truly outstanding results without the specialisation needed to succeed?

Outstanding providers need exclusive access to new land estates, direct access to the builder and the capacity to service large volumes and short timeframes. It’s impossible for smaller, newer business to provide a comprehensive, profitable investment house & land package service.

  • Can’t service large volumes or unique requirements
  • Don’t have exclusive access to land estates
  • Don’t have direct access to the builder

Solve your investment stock problems with Weston

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Partner With A Provider With A Proven Track Record

Weston Property Group is built to take the stress out of sourcing investment stock and grow your business. You’ll benefit from the high-quality packages we’re able to provide as an integrated builder, developer and land agent – paired with our dedication to open, transparent communication.

We’ve developed a proven, sustainable approach that makes sourcing investment properties for your clients easier than ever. Every package contains the best value land component with a build optimised for investors – and you can trust every decision we make is focussed on long-term success.

Full-Service With Unrivalled Support Capabilities

Decades of experience, means our team is highly specialised in the investor sales industry. We’re able to tailor our services to support you wherever you require, including contracts, distribution, finance, settlements, conveyancing and paralegal services. You will be able to manage your deals through our online platform, including the ability for your clients to track their progress live.

We’re a full-service provider that prides ourselves on our support capabilities.

  • Online platform for tracking deals including client access
  • Support services including contracts, distribution, finance and settlements
  • Additional support including conveyancing and paralegal services

Reliable Provider You Can Trust

Unlike many investment stock providers in the industry, we’re all about open, transparent communication. Whether you’re selling 2 properties per year or 200, we are committed to constant updates and regular communication so you can provide the best possible service to your clients. No smoke and mirrors, we want to build a long-term partnership with every one of our channels – it’s why we’ve been working with many of them for more than 10 years.

  • Build a long-term partnership with a reliable provider
  • Get the most for your client’s investment with honest service
  • Grow your business with a provider you can trust

Exclusive Access To Land Estates In Perth & Melbourne

We are often the listing agent, JV partner or owner of the estates we package in. We also have strong relationships with all of the major land developers in Perth and Melbourne from our long history in the industry. This means we have unmatched access to the best value land component.

  • Able to offer longer hold times on stock
  • Exclusive access to large volumes of stock in the same estates
  • Large allocations mean we can achieve better prices on land

Direct Access To The Builder

Being part of The Prime Group gives us direct access to our builder, Prime Projects Construction. With more than 50 years experience and 15,000 homes built across Australia, Prime are masters in their craft when it comes to building turn-key investment homes. Working directly with the builder means we have up to date information and are able to easily make changes to spec and anything else to fit your requirements.

  • Ability to easily alter specifications to fit your requirements
  • Get up to date information at all times
  • Ensures faster build times

Ambitious Property Advisors Succeed With Weston

Weston Property Group is for any financial planner, property advisor or organisation that’s serious about sourcing high quality investment properties for their clients. Our comprehensive service and dedication to open, transparent communication allows you to focus on building a successful business.

Land Sales

$970M in lands sales and counting across Perth and Melbourne.

Investment Properties

More than 3,000 turn-key investment properties built across Australia.


Operating since 2003 under The Prime Group which was established in 1969.

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