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Weston Property Group has generated more than $970M in land sales since 2003.

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Don’t Risk The Success Of Your Next Project

It’s difficult to find a reliable, profitable solution for your residential land project. Whether it’s a boutique subdivision, apartments or a new masterplanned estate, partnering with the wrong marketing and sales team can result in unacceptable timeframes, cost overruns and poor sales.

The result? A project that was meant to be easy and profitable damages your reputation and puts you and your business at serious risk.

The Problem With Rinse And Repeat Agencies

Poor-quality land and project marketing agencies keep their costs low by taking a rinse and repeat approach to every project. Why? Because their priority is making a profit for themselves. They cost less, but these agencies take a one size fits all approach to your project.

They’ll promise you the world for a fraction of the market prices – but they’ll fail to craft the best solution for your individual project. Every piece of land is different and needs to be approached as such – otherwise you risk the profitability of your project.

  • Waste your budget with marketing methods that won’t work for your land
  • Delegate your requirements to unqualified, junior members of staff
  • Delay your project by months with methods that don’t work for your land

The Problem With Inexperienced Agencies

On the surface, new, up and coming agencies always look like a decent option. Lower prices, simple systems, extensive service. But how can a small-time agency deliver truly outstanding results without the specialist skills needed to succeed?

Powerful projects need expert land agents, project managers, digital marketers, experienced admin teams, sales people, conveyancers and more. It’s impossible for a start-up agency to provide a comprehensive, profitable land agency and project marketing service.

  • Fail to master their craft and offer little professional expertise

  • Reach workload limits quickly and prevent sales growth

  • Damage your project’s reputation with poor marketing strategies

The Problem With The DIY Approach

Spending time IN your project rather than ON your project can cause major issues down the line. Time spent trying to learn the technicalities of marketing and selling land takes your attention away from the business activities that you’re best at.

Private and established developers often try to do it all themselves – with seriously damaging results. By marketing and selling their land independently, they waste time and money on outdated techniques that don’t generate sales.

  • Prevents you from focussing on higher-level business activities

  • Fails to utilise industry knowledge and sales and marketing best-practice

  • Gives competitors an edge by delivering sub-standard results

  • Few relationships with established distribution chains within the industry

Solve your project marketing and land agency problems with Weston

Choose A Partner With A Proven Track Record

Weston Property Group is built to make your life easier and take the stress out of your residential land project. You’ll benefit from nearly two decades of experience and more than $970M in land sales – whether your project is a boutique subdivision, apartments or a new masterplanned estate.

We’ve developed a proven, transparent approach that makes marketing and selling land easier than ever. We handle the marketing and sales strategy, management and optimisation of your project, with a clear focus on outstanding results.

Professional Responsive Service Tailored To You

Unlike rinse and repeat agencies, we’re all about communication. Thanks to our proven process, you’ll know exactly what’s happening with the marketing and sales of your project – every step of the way. All of our partners work closely with our General Manager, Sue Marinelli, and will work with the same members of our expert team throughout the life of the project.

  • Rely on an experienced agency that truly cares about you and your objectives
  • Develop a friendly, professional relationship that goes the extra mile
  • Build and maintain efficient strategies that get outstanding results

Reliable Solutions That Make A Profit

Our team is made up of leading industry professionals across Australia who create the best marketing and sales solutions for residential land projects. Masters in their craft, our land agents, digital marketers and experienced admin team consistently deliver first-class results. We never cut corners when it comes to achieving your business goals.

  • Put your project in the hands of industry-leading professionals
  • Get the most out of your budget with results-driven service
  • Achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently with no wasted time

Individual Solutions For Individual Projects

We craft the best marketing and sales solution for your land using our experience and knowledge of the current market. Most agencies will recommend the approach that costs them the least time and effort. We use our past experience to create a strategy that is optimised for your unique circumstances.

From price point, target buyer, online marketing, to point of sale marketing and complementary building solutions, our in-depth strategies mean the best results for your project.

  • Delivers a cutting-edge approach that matches your specific needs
  • Helps you target the most likely to buy prospects
  • Gives your project the best chance of excellent results

Advanced Digital Marketing

Point of sale marketing is no longer enough for a project to be successful. High-quality, leading online advertising is essential and that’s exactly what we do. From web design, graphic design, copywriting and email marketing, to Facebook, Instagram and advertising, our expert digital marketers optimise your campaign and leave you with high-quality leads and increased sales.

  • Peace of mind that your project is being marketed from all angles
  • Efficient, effective marketing that saves you money
  • No more stress about how your project is being perceived online

Ambitious Developers Succeed With Weston

Weston Property Group is for any land owner that’s serious about achieving exceptional results from their residential land project. We expertly handle your entire marketing and sales strategy with a bespoke solution tailored to you. Our comprehensive service cuts through the noise and leaves you feeling confident that your project is under control.

Land Sales

$970M in lands sales and counting across Perth and Melbourne.

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More than 3,000 turn-key investment properties built across Australia.


Operating since 2003 under The Prime Group which was established in 1969.

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investment project marketing land developers 

investment project marketing land developers 

investment project marketing land developers